Dental Health

How to Stop Forgetting to Floss

Flossing your teeth: It’s something you know you should be doing, but it’s so easy to forget. After all, if you’re doing it in the morning, you’re probably in a hurry and it’s the easiest thing to put off until bedtime. By the time that time comes, you might be ready to drop. How can you find a way to stop forgetting to floss? Check out these tips.

Set a Reminder on Your Phone

If the problem is that you’re truly forgetting and not just procrastinating, put technology to work for you! Most people have their phones within an arm’s reach all day and into the night, so set a reminder an hour or so before your typical bedtime. As long as you’re done eating for the night, go right then and brush and floss. You will still have an hour left to watch a television show, surf the Internet, wash the dishes, or whatever else you might do right before bed, but your oral hygiene regimen will be done.

Get an Accountability Partner

Having someone else encouraging you to floss might be all you need to make it a habit. While you might feel strange asking a friend to take on this role, your spouse or partner is the perfect person to keep you on track. After all, they should be flossing, too, and you can remind them. Another option is to ask a child, either your own or another one in your extended family. Many kids will take their commitment very seriously and will take joy in reminding you every evening to floss your teeth.

Give Yourself a Reward

Rewards work when it comes to establishing new habits. Yours can be whatever will motivate you to keep up the good work. Some people are happy to simply mark an X on a calendar or put a sticker or a checkmark on a chart. Seeing a fully filled-out week or month can be satisfying. If that doesn’t do it for you, pick anything you’d like: a new pair of shoes? Fresh flowers to put on the table after a full week of flossing? One caveat: Try to avoid making a sticky, gooey dessert your reward of choice… but if that’s what you pick, be sure to brush and floss well after you indulge!

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