Anxiolysis is another useful option for those who are anxious about visiting the dentist. This is a great option if you are needle phobic or everything around the dental office makes you nervous and keeps you from taking care of recommended treatment.

Anxiolysis is the medical term for the use of sedatives in adults that results in minimal sedation. Adults are given a mild sedative to take before their dental appointment to calm and relax them. This allows dental work go much more smoothly for both the patient and the dentist. We can prescribe you an anxiolytic before your appointment.

Your dentist will instruct you on how long you should take the sedative before the procedure and prepare you for the sedation period’s side effects and length. This planned dosage time will allow the sedative to be at full effect while the dental procedure occurs.

Note that when choosing this option, you will need a ride back and forth to your appointment. In some cases, the patient’s anxiety level is too high to achieve anxiolysis from a mild sedative, and higher sedation is needed. 

Talk to us about sedation options so we can determine which one is best for your situation.